Top Scientific Societies

Dermatologists of the Year


Saad Al Sogair

Teacher of Endopeel Technics in Saudi Arabia




Dr Victoria Saydalieva

Teacher of Endopeel Technics in Russia

Plastic Surgeon of the Year

Dr Junfeng Du
Dr Junfeng Du
from Wuhan, China
Specialist in Foot Plastic Surgery



Alain Tenenbaum

Facial Plastic Surgeon
Inventor of Endopeel Technics




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Arm Lift



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Face Lift


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Facial Peeling


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Aesthetic Medicine MD of the Year


 ceccarelli  cyrus terrani Dr Alain Tenenbaum  raul pinto   hana zelenkova  ercin oezenturk
 Dr Maurizio Ceccarelli  Dr Cyrus Terrani Dr Alain Tenenbaum   Dr Raul Pinto  Dr Hana Zelenkova  Dr Ercin Oezentürk
 edher oncebay  viki saad al sogair    jm perez diaz  dr ivan yurchenko  dr george sulamanidze
 Dr Edher Oncebay  Dr Victoria Saydalieva   Dr Saad Al Sogair  Dr Juan Miguel Perez Diaz  Dr Ivan Yurchenko  Dr George Sulamanidze

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